Pareidolia, LLC comes to Life

The Journey begins….

Welcome to my new adventure. For 24 years with ADP, I created products and services generating hundreds of millions of dollars. From iPayStatements where over 14 million users view their W-2 and Paystatements to the latest General Purpose Reloadable debit cards with budgeting, my experience is vast and varied. I started speaking publicly about my journey at ADP in the fall of 2016:

Jim Ford, Chief Architect – Strategy, joined ADP in 1994 managing AIX adoption to support Oracle financials. Since that time he has been involved in expanding ADP’s product portfolio. if you have ever viewed your paycheck or W-2 online from ADP you used one of his products. In 22 years Jim has participated in rapidly changing technology landscape. Client Server to Server-less, Time Sharing to Container, Monolith to Micro-service, Jim has lived through the hype and hyperbole.

James Ford -Founder Pareidolia, LLC

Launching Pareidolia.Rocks represents the start of a new chapter where I hope to bring the experience and judgement developed over the years to companies large and small helping them move forward with their varied agendas. Start Up advisor or Digital Transformation facilitator or Chief Technologist.  I come with the ability to play many varied roles and the attitude to keep it fun!.

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    And I think to myself what a wonderful world

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