Speaking Engagements
Software Defined Chaos @ SDxE
Jim Ford, Chief Architect - Global Product and Technology, joined ADP in 1994 managing AIX adoption to support Oracle financials. Since that time he has been involved in expanding ADP’s product portfolio. if you have ever viewed your paycheck or W-2 online from ADP you used one of his products. In 22 years Jim has participated in rapidly changing technology landscape. Client Server to Server-less, Time Sharing to Container, Monolith to Micro-service, Jim has lived through the hype and hyperbole.
DockerCon 2017
Ice Cream cones and Chicken Nuggets, help us visualize the break up of the monolith. The challenge becomes about how far do we need to go…. Don’t be fooled by the 12 factor crowd or the cloud nativists, there are benefits for cloud immigrants. This session discusses container adoption in an established enterprise with legacy code and unique challenges from paying clients. It presents an overview of the progress to date, the idealized automation pipeline and the desired end state.
Container Summit - Las Vegas
Join Bryan and Jim as they discuss why the current advances in Container computing are revolutionizing application design and hosting strategies. This entertaining journey through the latest hype cycle will help explain the promise of the container movement and the challenges presented to established players. Adoption of emerging technology in the cloud native era presents many concerns for any company with legacy products and an existing client base. We will discuss the motivations to move faster, how the community helps create “developer velocity” and the challenges of migrating “cloud immigrant” workloads to more modern architectures.
Cloud World Audio
Audio recording from my Keynote at Cloud World in Santa Clara, CA.
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