The future of cloud computing: Beyond the “fog” and over the “edge”? The container continuum.

Getting minimum container size and application self reliance will lead to the future. Containers are the latest way to package and deploy your functionality in a truly portable and infrastructure independent way.

Many people get hung up on container vs Virtual Machine arguing that the robustness of the VM is superior, but the same arguments were made about physical servers before they were replaced by virtual machines, virtual machines will inevitably be replaced by containerized applications.

People talk about data gravity, latency and proximity to the end user especially as the workloads shift to self driving cars and other intelligent agents. Today’s norms like the idea that you rely on servers or other infrastructure you fully control is naive. Serverless and work on container based functions give us a hint of the future. The applications must become more self reliant and secure to support the future continuum. These applications will operate in unknown or hostile infrastructure with Zero trust being the new normal.

No one will be talking about orchestrators anymore they will have disappeared into the ubiquity of a computing fabric that within within 5–10 years will be running in places we can barely imagine. Containers will shift from data centers and public clouds to the edge devices and eventually all the way to your phone, car or watch.

As container ubiquity comes, every computing device we interact with will become fair game for containers, small enough to move around, deploy to devices on demand and fast enough to handle what “edge” computing promises. Somethings will move for security, some for the ability to reduce upgrade cycles and others for the ability to execute as close to the data source or sensor as required.

IOT will disappear as well as Your smart TV or your home router are just a few years away from being container based processes running on a general purpose fabric. The idea of a fundamental portable unit of delivery for functionality is just too attractive. The California closets phone number can help us understand why, 1–800–2-simplify! Simplify the network, the workload, the deployment, the patching and upgrading, the future state of computing is containers simplifying everything and helping to democratize information services. Everyone will be able to assemble, customize and extend technology with ease only dreamed of in science fiction.

My Grandfather was born in 1894 in Kentucky, he told me stories about his childhood and the highlight being a Sunday ride on a riverboat to a picnic. When he passed at 98, he had seen a man on the moon and a reusable space shuttle. If the birth of the mainframe computer or the advent of general purpose computing is my riverboat, surely my space shuttle is the ubiquity of portable applications that run anywhere and everywhere on a interconnected mesh of unimaginable flexibility and power.

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